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Helping Pets in Need

Collection Drive Program

Access To Care Grants

VCA Charities provides vulnerable pets access to care through our grant programs. From disaster response and COVID-19 relief efforts to supporting local animal shelters in our communities, grants allow animal welfare organizations in our communities increase their impact and reach to help as many pets as possible – and the people who love.

Pennies for Pets

In 2010, VCA Charities launched the Pennies for Pets program. The mission of the Pennies program is to provide a platform for collecting donations so our hospitals can financially support worthy nonprofit organizations. Pennies is a simple retail round up your bill, point of sale (POS) donation based program that further supports the mission of helping pets in need.

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Pet Food Pantry Program

Pet Food Pantry

The Pet Food Pantry program was created to provide nutritious meals to needy families to help keep their pets healthy and happy. Sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, the program has expanded to 33 locations in 21 states. The Pet Food Pantry mission is to provide healthy, nutritious pet food to needy families that could not otherwise afford pet food. The Pet Food Pantry Program provides over 40,000 lbs of pet food or 300,000 meals to animals in need annually.

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