VCA Charities Dog Day Out Field Trip Program

Launched in 2023, VCA Charities Dog Day Out Field Trip Program, expands on our mission to help pets find and remain in loving homes. This out-of-the-box shelter program serves to alleviate kennel stress, increase community volunteerism, and help gets dogs adopted faster.

A dog laying on a person's lap enjoying a field trip through the Dog Day Out program

Why Dog Day Out?

Recent research shows dogs who experience a single day outside of the shelter are 10 times more likely to be adopted, and the volunteers who take dogs on field trips become advocates for the animal and programs that enable enrichment through public support. Since launching the program, VCA Charities has partnered with 20 large shelters from communities across the country with a combined intake of more than 325,000 pets annually.

Happy dog on a Dog Day Out field trip

Resource for Shelters

Access the new Dog Day Out Starter Guide, created in partnership with Kristen Hassen of, VCA Charities is helping shelters learn about the resources and steps needed to start or grow a program and engage local communities to help as many pets as possible get adopted.

A dog enjoys time with a Dog Day Out volunteer

Learn More

If you’re interested in additional in-depth training on Dog Day Out, download the Dog Day Out Interest Form to receive more information and get on a list for future trainings.

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