Supporting Pets and People During Disaster

By September 23, 2020 October 21st, 2020 Disaster Relief

Since 2005, VCA Charities has been committed to helping pets and people stay together by providing support for veterinary care, food and resources. Throughout the years, VCA Charities has partnered with VCA associates, clients, and donors to also provide relief to pets and families impacted by disaster.

Most recently, VCA Charities provided $180,000 in funding to help in the aftermath of the Australian wildfires, providing support to Wildlife Warriors Worldwide, RSPCA Australia and the Australia Veterinary Association. Additionally, VCA Hospitals provide boarding assistance for pets evacuated or displaced during disasters, including those impacted by this year’s wildfires in California.

“On behalf of all the animals we will continue to care for, thank you to VCA Charities for supporting our work,” said Bindi Irwin, Wildlife Warriors Worldwide.