K9 Officer First Aid Training in Hollywood, Florida

By April 22, 2017 October 21st, 2020 Community Partners, First Aid, Police K9 Unit

After nearly 70 years of caring for the pets in South Florida, VCA Hollywood has developed strong relationships with our community. These relationships have transcended the doctor:patient bond and established us a solid resource for best pet care. This bond is no more epitomized than with our law enforcement community. For decades we have cared for our state and local police K9 officers for wellness and emergency care. This week, we offered these same officers an opportunity to take care into their own hands with our annual K9 Officer First Aid Training.


Thirty officers from area K9 Units joined us to bone up on their canine care with Leah S, LVT. Leah has offered this training at least once a year to our officers and teaches them to adapt their knowledge of human emergency care to pet care. These Officers learn and practice taking vitals, doing CPR and emergency wound management. 


The men where all ears to understand the best practices for caring for their K9 partners. 


This year, through a grant for the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) special, customized emergency kits were purchased for each officer ensuring they will have everything they need if their partner is injured in the line of duty.


We are grateful for the service these officers perform and proud to be a part of their continued safety.